Richard Cuddington is the author of the Easy Reading Shakespeare series of books, now republished in four volumes as Shakespeare’s Tragedies, Comedies, Histories & Romances and Sonnets in Easy Reading Verse. Contained within the four volumes are adaptations of all 39 of Shakespeare’s plays and the Sonnets into simple, straightforward verse.

For students and general readers alike the Complete Works of Shakespeare need no longer be a mystery as every play is made instantly understandable in this enjoyable and easy format.

This series is an entertaining read which makes the plots and major characters of each play immediately accessible, acting as a bridge to the actual texts.
An eBook version of the Complete Works is now available as one volume.

‘A delightful book – fun, easy and quite brilliant.’
Scholar magazine

‘Streamlined and rewritten in light, pacy verse.’
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust magazine

‘Amusing and insightful – a wonderful book which captures the joy of the original plays but in a way which gives universal appeal.’
Mensa magazine

‘Written in rhythmic, easy-to-understand verse. Wittily sums up the plot of each play and brings to life the main characters.’
This England magazine

‘Helps readers new to Shakespeare to get to know the plays, …re-tells them in four-line verses which swing along.’

‘An entertaining and light-hearted introduction to Shakespeare.’
Best of British magazine

‘A fabulous book.’
Woman magazine


Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in Easy Reading Verse

‘A funny, insightful book, in rhyming verse, which will help a modern generation unlock the delights of the original. This is a brilliant way to bring Chaucer to a new audience.’
Mensa magazine

The Wind in the Willows in Easy Reading Verse

‘The Wind in the Willows … The story of course remains the same. And so does my reaction every time I re-read it,
“This is brilliant. Please can I have some more?”
Certainly. Here it is. And this time … it rhymes!’
Bill Oddie

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in Easy Reading Verse

Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist in Easy Reading Verse