Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in Easy Reading Verse

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Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol in Easy Reading VerseCharles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is arguably the most dearly loved Christmas story ever written. Whether you are one of the many fans of the story or possibly even new to the tale – you will surely enjoy this adaptation written in fast moving, light-hearted verse.

Here is Scrooge in all his miserly misery, slowly being converted from his former monstrous self into a being who really knows how to celebrate Christmas. The charming verse takes us on an unstoppable journey where we meet the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future, the joyful Mr Fezziwig and of course, the tragic but lovable figure of Tiny Tim. And on the way Scrooge dominates a tale that celebrates the joy of Christmas, encouraging a belief that we should embrace its spirit throughout the year.

And what of Scrooge, what can we say?
What kind of man was he?
We’ll need to choose words carefully,
So now then – let me see…

Well he was wrenching, grasping,
Covetous – clutching too,
And squeezing, scraping, miserly,
A sinner through and through.