Shakespeare in Easy Reading Verse

Shakespeare’s Tragedies in Easy Reading Verse
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Here are some of the Bard’s most famous and compelling plays. Retold here in simple and engaging verse, the drama and excitement unfold with an urgency and momentum that captures the essence of the original plays.

Imagine for a moment
Two great families at war,
And no one can remember
What it is they’re fighting for.

A feud so old and deadly
That all were tangled in,
The servants and retainers
And far flung kith and kin.
Romeo and Juliet

Contains the following plays: Romeo and Juliet; Julius Caesar; Antony and Cleopatra; Timon of Athens; Hamlet; Othello; Coriolanus; King Lear; Macbeth; Titus Andronicus.

Shakespeare’s Comedies in Easy Reading Verse
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Shakespeare’s Comedies are retold with clarity, wit and a modern directness. The straightforward language with its bouncing, infectious rhythms and uncomplicated verse add pace and humour to each story as it rapidly unfolds.

Laws are there to be obeyed –
I think that’s fair enough,
But sometimes folk will take no heed
Of all that legal stuff.

Thus it was in old Vienna,
For here they had a law
That all the city’s residents
Chose simply to ignore.
Measure for Measure

Contains the following plays: The Merry Wives of Windsor; Much Ado About Nothing; The Taming of the Shrew; The Two Gentlemen of Verona; The Comedy of Errors; The Merchant of Venice; Love’s Labour’s Lost; As You Like It; Twelfth Night; Troilus and Cressida; All’s Well That Ends Well; Measure for Measure; A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Shakespeare’s Histories & Romances in Easy Reading Verse
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This book takes the reader on two separate journeys. One through various turbulent periods of English history – the other through the slightly calmer waters of romance. A veritable pageant of drama, turmoil and intrigue is encapsulated in these enthralling stories which are truly some of the Bard’s finest plays.

‘And when our men speak of this day
With honour and with pride,
Those absent will regret the fact
They weren’t here by our side.

‘They’ll hold their manhood’s cheaply,
As well indeed they may,
When any speaks who fought with us
Upon St Crispin’s Day.’
Henry the Fifth

Contains the following plays: The Histories Richard the Second; Henry the Fourth Parts I & II; Henry the Fifth; Henry the Sixth Parts I, II & III; Richard the Third; King John; Edward the Third; Henry the Eighth.
The Romances The Tempest; Pericles, Prince of Tyre; The Winter’s Tale; The Two Noble Kinsmen; Cymbeline.

Shakespeare’s Complete Works in Easy Reading Verse
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Contained in one eBook are three volumes of the Shakespeare in Easy Reading Verse series – the Tragedies, the Comedies and the Histories & Romances. This eBook offers an enjoyable and effortless way of gaining an understanding of The Complete Works of Shakespeare – all 39 plays!

Our tale is set in ancient Rome
And opens on a street
Where common people often chose
To chat awhile and meet.

And so it was that one fine day
The working folk of Rome
Came to greet great Caesar
Who once again was home.
Julius Caesar

Shakespeare’s Sonnets in Easy Reading Verse
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Shakespeare's Sonnets in Easy Reading Verse A light-hearted adaptation of Shakespeare’s Sonnets which captures the essence of the original texts but in a way that makes them instantly accessible and understandable to the modern reader. Here in simple and enjoyable lyrics, the mysteries of the Sonnets are unravelled, and with the original texts also contained within the book, they act as an aid in the understanding of Shakespeare’s masterpieces.